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Seeing The Invisible

Leaf Guardian
Leaf Guardian

Detecting Invisible Plant Health Decline

 The Proven Way To Boost Greenhouse Farmers’ Bottom Line: 
Decreased Inputs Increased Yields

Seeing The Invisible

The proven patented system that detects micro-changes in the healthy-looking ‘green’ of plant leaves – days before any deterioration becomes visible to the naked eye.

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Plant Health.png

Saves on lost yields

Saves on fertilizer inputs

Plant Health.png
Plant Health.png

Prevents pollution of soil & water

Trial Results

Maximum Crop Yield With Minimum Fertilizer Inputs

Following independent trials carried out in growers’ greenhouses, our unique system ensured optimum plant health and maximum yield with minimum fertilizers inputs

Shamir Research Institution
Results after Two Harvests

Leaf Guardian Results 
      22% Less fertilizers
      5% Higher yield 

increased profits

Shamir Research Institution
Results after Two Harvests

Leaf Guardian Results 
      30% Less fertilizers
      20% Higher yield

Higher profits



External service by the Ministry of Agriculture   

Results of 5 harvests

      50% Less fertilizer

      Same yield

The Problem

The Global Challenge

In a world where the population is steadily increasing while arable land per capita diminishes, the task of feeding the global population becomes increasingly formidable.


Innovation has emerged as a critical resource to tackle this challenge head-on. However, growers are faced with a myriad of complexities on their journey to sustainably feed the world.

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The Hidden Problem

It’s well known to most farmers that standard protocols use more fertilizer than needed, both to ensure higher yields, and to boost immunity to unexpected hazards like disease, cold or heat stress.

Costly Waste For The Farmer

In the best case, however, this excess leads to costly waste of farmer’s financial resources, with surplus leaching into the ground and pollutes precious soil and water. In the worst case, excess fertilizing causes salinization, actively poisoning crops resulting in lost yield.

DALL·E 2024-03-14 14.41.20 - A futuristic image of a young male farmer working in a greenh

Fast, Accurate & Cost-effective 

Our breakthrough system ensures crops always get EXACTLY what they need: Never Less – Never More. Never missing nutrition, but also not over-fertilizing crops.


Our Patented Technology

AI-enhanced Early Plant Health Detection & Response

Our unique, continuous dynamic analysis of RGB reflections employs an AI-enhanced & Machine Learning algorithm detects minor changes in plant-health, and automates nutrient management, ensuring optimal crop growth.

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Providing 24/7 plant health monitoring via standard video camera images, a WIFI connection uploads real-time data to the cloud. As soon as crop health begins to fail, Leaf Guardian immediately alerts the farmer and automatically adjusts the fertigation system. Then, just days later, Leaf Guardian issues a second alert, either telling farmers that all is well, or directing them to investigate other factors – still days before irreversible damage to their crops occurs.


Founded in 2022
Yevul Info is an AgTech startup that specializes in pioneering AI technology to enhance farmers' bottom lines.

Meet The Team

Keren Avriel-Sadan.png

Keren Avriel-Sadan (CPA,MBA)

CEO  &Co-founder

Finance Engineering

Innovation management @ ICL

CFO in public traded companies

  • Linkedin
Ezer Miller.png

Ezer Miller (Ph.D)

CTO & Co-founder


Modeler, Machine learning developer, Data Scientist@ CropX

  • Linkedin
Yochai Isack.png

Yochai Isack (Ph.D)

CAO & Co-founder

Agroecology, Plant pathology
CSO @ Negev Oasis tech

R&D manager @ GroundWork

  • Linkedin

Advisory Board

Hillel Magen.png

Hillel Magen (B.Sc, M.Sc.)

VP Agronomy @ ICL

Director, International Potash Institute

  • Linkedin
Zeevy Carmi.png

Ze'evy Carmi (M.Sc.)

VP Business Development and Marketing @ Luxemburg

CEO @ Adama

  • Linkedin

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