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Yevul Info Celebrates Successful Pre-Seed Funding by The IIA and GO Innovation HUB - 19.9.2022

"Yevul Info" received the approval of the IIA to include our extremely unique innovation as part of Go Innovation Accelerator!

Exciting news! Yevul Info has been granted investment approval by the Israel Innovation Authority, solidifying their commitment to revolutionizing agriculture. Additionally, their Hub Program at Galil Ofek Innovation Hub has been approved for the next two years. This investment and approval signal a significant milestone for Yevul Info, allowing them to further develop their cutting-edge solutions and contribute to the advancement of agricultural technology. With this support, Yevul Info is poised to continue making strides in sustainable crop management and fostering innovation within the industry. The future looks promising for Yevul Info and the agricultural sector as a whole! 🌱🚀


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