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Yevul Info: The Naked Human Eye is No Match for Our Algorithm

In an era where technology intersects with nature to create sustainable solutions, Yevul Info stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Founded in 2023, Yevul Info has revolutionized the way greenhouse farmers approach plant health, ultimately improving their bottom line. At the heart of this revolution is Leaf Guardian, a patented, AI-enhanced system designed to detect micro-changes in the 'green' of plant leaves—changes so minute they're invisible to the naked eye.

Traditional farming methods have relied heavily on excessive inputs, particularly fertilizers, to boost yields and safeguard against unforeseen environmental stressors. However, this practice often leads to waste, pollution, and, in severe cases, crop toxicity.

Yevul Info's Leaf Guardian system challenges this norm by ensuring that crops receive exactly what they need, when they need it—no more, no less. This precision not only saves up to 50% on fertilizer inputs but also significantly reduces the risk of soil and water pollution.

Leaf Guardian operates through a synergy of standard video cameras and advanced AI algorithms. These cameras, installed within the greenhouse, capture real-time data and transmit it via WIFI to the cloud. Here, Yevul Info's unique algorithm analyzes the spectral wavelength analysis of the plant leaves, detecting any decline in health days before it becomes apparent.

On identifying a potential issue, the system immediately alerts the farmer and adjusts the fertigation system accordingly, ensuring prompt and precise intervention.

This breakthrough technology offers a fast, accurate, and cost-effective solution for early plant health detection and response, embodying Yevul Info's commitment to sustainability and innovation. With its simple installation, ease of use, and full automation, Leaf Guardian is not just a tool but a guardian of crop health, ensuring peace of mind for farmers and a step forward for environmental conservation.

Yevul Info's success in its recent seed funding round further validates the promise and potential of Leaf Guardian. As we move forward, the naked human eye may no longer be the primary tool for detecting plant health issues, thanks to Yevul Info's pioneering technology. The future of farming is here, and it's brighter, greener, and more sustainable than ever.


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