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How Yevul Info's Leaf Guardian Detects Plant Health Issues Before They're Visible to the Naked Eye

Same product, new name, and still seeing the invisible… 🥁

Welcome, LeafGuardian – the rebrand of our novel AgTech!

A quick recap of what sets our tech apart from the rest:

1. See the Invisible 🔍

This is the world’s FIRST and ONLY proven, patented system that detects micro-changes in the “healthy-looking” green of plant leaves.

LEAFGUARDIAN does this days before deterioration is visible to the naked eye.

2. A Solution to Multiple Farming Issues 🔄

Our tech provides the fastest, most accurate, and cost-effective means for fertigation, ensuring farmers’ peace of mind.

LeafGuardian also assists users in abiding by the new EU ESG regulations.

And like our tech, our team is unstoppable:

Seeing the invisible is just the beginning!

Gone are the days of always being on standby to guard your greens.

Certainly not now that LeafGuardian has arrived on the scene.

If you’re ready to “see it all”, we'd love to hear from you. 📥


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